WAHL Professional 5 Star Series, Finale Shaver

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The Ultimate Finishing Tool! More than just a shaver, the 5 Star Finale is the ultimate finishing tool. The Finale is powered by a lithium-ion battery that can keep the rotary motor running at full speed for 90 minutes per charge and works corded or cordless. With hypoallergenic gold foil, even the most sensitive skin will be free of razor bumps, ingrown hairs, or skin irritation. The 5 Star Finale is designed for finishing and blending bald fades, cleaning up hair and neck lines, eliminating stray hairs, and bump-free shaving!

Drop your straight razor and pick up the ultimate finishing tool today!

The Wahl Finale Shaver is designed with hypoallergenic golden cut oil. The shaving foil is very thin, so the best close shaving results are achieved.

5 Star Finale designed for: Finishing/Blending bald fades Cleaning up hair and neck lines for an ultra-smooth finish Eliminating stray hairs Bump free shaving Enhance cutter reduces vibration and better protects foil head.

During use, it is important that you apply only light pressure on the Shaver to prevent damage to the delicate gold foil - Let the shaver do the job while applying only light pressure. Excessive pressure WILL damage the gold foil.

Please note, the Finale Shaver only shaves hairs which are the average stubble length (several days) and not longer!

Charge Time: 120 mins
Run Time: 90 mins
Cutting Length: 0.05mm
Weight: 180g

• Foil guard
• Wall plug charger cable
• Recharge stand
• Cleaning brush
• Operating instructions

12 Month Warranty

Made in USA

Model # 8164-412

How to Clean & Maintain your Finale Shaver

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