WAHL Professional 5 Star, Series, Vanish Finishing Foil Shaver

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The Wahl Professional 5 Star Vanish Shaver is an upgrade of the Finale Shaver and shaves even better and smoother.

It is is the ultimate tool for barbers looking for a clean finish and a smooth shave without bumps or irritation. The shaver also features a premium lithium-ion battery ensuring the shaver will get most barbers through a typical day without a recharge.

Due to the new innovative drive system, the blades move independently of each other. This allows you to work even closer to the skin to remove every hair even more effectively. The Wahl Vanish Shaver also has the well-known hypoallergenic shaving foils for an irritation and bump-free shaving experience.

  • An innovative suspension system allows the cutting bars to move independently, hugging every neck and facial contour to make every last hair disappear.
  • The 5 Star Vanish shaver features new independent pop-out foil bars. Save time and money in maintenance by replacing single foils instead of full shaver heads.
  • With a 100+ run time on a single charge, the 5 Star Vanish - powered by a premium lithium-ion battery — will get most barbers through a typical day without a recharge.
  • Nothing ruins workflow more than unknown charge level. The 5 Star Vanish is equiped with a big, brilliant, easy-read fuel gauge right on the front, so you can focus on the finish.
  • For pros on the go, Travel Lock option keeps the 5 Star Vanish from accidentally turning on and draining power. Hopping a plane? No problem. The battery complies with all travel regulations.
  • Ergonomically designed for all-day use, the 5 Star Vanish also features finger grips to help keep you in full control through the final details


  • Professional Finishing Tool
  • Foil Guard
  • Power Supply
  • Pre-Shave Brush
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Operating Instructions

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12 Month Warranty

Made in USA

Model # 3024295

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