Sinergy White Bleaching Cream Platinum 250g

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Sinergy Platinum Bianco White Bleaching Cream is a latest generation lightener for high performance, practical, fast and safe

Powerful and environmentally friendly  it allows the removal of natural and artificial pigment while respecting the integrity of the hair and scalp

The de-colorizing action of Platinum White Cream give the highest level of lightening allowing up to 7 levels of lift

How to use: Before use manipulate the aluminum bag to homogenize the bleach cream inside. For 3-4 levels of lift mix with 20 vol Developer, 4-5 levels use with 30 vol Developer, 6-7 levels of lift use with 40 vol (off scalp). Mix 1:2 with appropriate developer and process for 20 - 50 minutes

With beeswax and corn proteins, it helps enhance the protective action for the skin and vitamin E provides hydration, elasticity and stability performing an antioxidant and emollient action

** Do not apply on sensitive, irritated or broken skin, not suitable for use on eyebrows or eyelashes. Do not mix in a metal bowl/container

Corn Protein: has emollient and cleansing properties, softens and adds shine

Beeswax: provides a protective and moisturizing action for chapped, irritated skin, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, cellular restructuring


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