Sinergy Y Liquid Diamonds Lamellar Filler 200ml

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Sinergy Y Liquid Diamonds | Lamellar Filler

The special formulation of Liquid Diamonds harnesses the power of lamellar technology by enveloping the hair with tiny microparticles that are arranged in a "foil" pattern in an extremely smooth and uniform manner over all lengths. The product penetrates deeply and evaporates slowly while remaining effective for a long time. Hair is treated evenly and ultra-fast resulting in vibrant, extremely shiny, frizz-free and absolutely light hair. Ideal for any hair type, even for those who have oily hair and usually cannot use conditioning products because they would weigh it down.

Lamellar technology filler with immediate action. It repolishes, conditions, brightens, detangles, repairs and eliminates frizz. Hair transformed in just 7 seconds! Highly moisturizing hyaluronic acid and collagen enhance shine and increase the hair volume by regulating moisture levels and preventing water loss.

How to use: Spray generously after shampooing on towel-dried hair, emulsify lightly by massaging for 7 seconds. Rinse and blow dry. Proceed to styling.

  • Hyaluronic acid gives hair a full, shiny appearance. Specifically, this precious molecule creates a protective film that prevents water loss, increases hair volume, and strengthens hair by regulating moisture levels.
  • Collagen natural protein that gives strength and vitality to the hair, making it more dense and full-bodied.

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