Sinergy Delux Black Fast Bleaching Powder 500g

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Sinergy Delux Black Fast Bleaching Powder
is a newly developed, highly decolorizing, gentle bleaching agent in a compact, non-volatile powder. It contains gray micro-pigments that counteract warm undertones and provides strong bleaching power.

Suitable for all off scalp lightening techniques, the balanced blend of ingredients results in a smooth, easy to use powder

It is an extraordinary product, with Bamboo Charcoal Powder (100% natural, Ecocert & Cosmos Approved) that helps absorb toxins and impurities. Prevents unwanted effects usually caused by normal bleaches.

Lightens up to 9 levels

How to use: For 3-4 levels of lift mix with 20 vol Developer, 5-6 levels use with 30 vol Developer, 7-8 levels of lift use with 40 vol (off scalp), nothing stronger than 10 vol is recommended when removing fashion shades. Mix 1:2 with appropriate developer and process for 20 - 40 minutes

Bamboo Charcoal Powder has detoxifying, conditioning and absorbing action. Thanks to the power of this innovative product with bamboo charcoal powder, it guarantees an excellent result with mixing with low volume developers, contrasting the yellowish pigmentation, in an important way. It offers the possibility to perform a particular procedure to maximize the performance using the oxidant at low volume, reaching extreme blondes.

Activated charcoal Excellent clarifying, purifying, astringent, detoxifying, anti-reflective, absorbent.

Grey/Black pure pigments The pure gray/black pigments are optimal for eliminating any type of reflection during the bleaching phases, giving a strongly whitening effect.

Cyamopsis Tetragonolobus Gum Cationic derivative of guar gum with conditioning and restorative action, gives substance and protection.

GIVE BACK by Sinergy Cosmetics is an innovative synergistic complex of active ingredients of organic origin, which works in depth as an adjuvant inside the hair. It performs in a profound way, working in synergy with the chemical products during the technical treatments of the salon (discoloration, coloring, permanent). It acts in depth with the cuticle opened by the alkaline treatments, where masks and conditioners do not reach, retaining the substances and pigments that could be dispersed and bringing the organic complex necessary to regenerate, regroup and rediscover the hair in its optimal form. It protects the hair and preserves its structure from the inside, regenerating the keratin fibers. The effect is immediate and tangible and above all long-lasting, because it penetrates the hair fiber before the cuticle closes. The high concentration of functional molecules inside it allows the product to return amazing results, and keep the hair healthy, bright, toned and elastic.

** Warning: Avoid contact with skin & eyes. Not suitable for use on eyebrows or eyelashes. Do not mix in a metal bowl/container


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