Punky Colour Semi Permanent Hair Colour 100ml - Platinum Blonde Toner

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Punky Colour by Jerome Russell - Semi Permanent Hair Colour 100ml - Platinum Blonde Toner

Punky Colour is a semi permanent conditioning colour that usually lasts between 5 - 40 washes - create outrageous looks on bleached hair or add a highlight effect to darker hair with the deeper, brighter shades!

Platinum Blonde Toner is best used on hair that has very little warmth (very pale yellow tones), being a semi permanent it will only deposit colour and can not lighten the existing colour any further - the bonus with it being semi permanent is that it's super conditioning on your hair. I recommend leaving this on for the full 30 minutes, it won't do any harm if left on longer either

Punky Colour is applied to pre-shampooed and dried hair, leave on for 15 - 30 minutes and rinse - then head out rocking your new look!

With so many colours to choose from in the Punky Colour range the options are endless and the PastelFX Shade Adjustor gives you even more options

Jerome Russell/Punky Colour do not test on animals, made in USA

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