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PowerTools TCA - The Colour & Lightener Accelerator 35ml

Replaced by Cuccio Colour & Lightener Accelerator

TCA, The Color & Lightener Accelerator - Powertools by Dennis Bernard

TCA, the original color accelerator, processes permanent color, semi-permanent color, demi color, bleach, foil & high lift applications in half the time when added to any manufacturer’s colour or lightening product.

Here’s how it works:
The Color Accelerator, TCA, is a hair colour additive that slows down the processing of hydrogen peroxide while driving colour molecules deeper into the hair shaft. The formula’s antioxidant (Vitamin E) allows TCA to help develop the colour molecules completely in less time while Jojoba & Mineral Oil condition & moisturize the hair & scalp.

• Use with any manufacturer’s colour/bleach
• Virtually eliminates fade-out
• Can be used with or without heat to cut processing times by 1/2 to 2/3.
• Leave hair shiny and in super condition
• Approx 55 applications per bottle!

It’s not just an Accelerator…here are the additional benefits:

• Perm & Wave Services – TCA eliminates curl relaxation & super conditions for shiny and resilient curls.
• Foils, Hi-Lifts & Lighteners – Add TCA to the neutralizing shampoo to condition and to avoid that mushy, hyper-elastic state.
• Deep Conditioning Spa Treatment – For the best moisturizing conditioning pack, mix 20-25 drops with two ounces of conditioner & let the client sit under a low heat dryer for 10 minutes. The results are amazing!
• Resistant Grays – TCA aids in gray coverage. For super resistant gray, add TCA with our Gray Oxidizing Drops (G.O.D.) to your formula. Use The Resistant Assistant (TRA) prior to color services for trouble spots.

For in-depth directions for use, please click the following:
TCA Directions
TCA Technical Information

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