Pinaud Clubman Mens Talc Powder - Flesh/Neutral Tone, 255g

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Clubman Pinaud Mens Finest Talc Powder - Flesh/Neutra Tone 255g

Features a neutral tone that matches the natural color of your skin.

A must-have for any serious grooming kit! The Clubman Finest Powder, Neutral is your partner against sweat and body odor! Calms and dries skin with a fresh lasting feeling that keeps you cool and confident throughout the day.

  • Fine and Fresh Powder: You know that confidence is key. Look, feel, and smell your best at all times with our classic Clubman Finest Powder Neutral. No sweat, no body odor! Just confidence that never ends. Features a neutral tone that applies and dries invisibly on skin. Perfectly finishes off a good haircut and shave too.

  • Safe and Effective Moisture-Absorbing Formula: Sweat and unwanted moisture can be your worst enemies. Feel fresh and comfortable in your own skin with the Clubman Finest Powder, Neutral. Contains sweat-fighting Cornstarch, Kaolin and Zinc Oxide that gives you a dry finish from head to toe. No more chafing, itch, or irritation!

  • Clubman Signature Scent: Our Clubman Pinaud Powder, Neutral offers a signature scent that’s invigorating and refined. Whether you’re going into an intense day trying to beat a deadline at work or getting ready for a wild night out with the boys, this powder keeps you smelling great and feeling good all day long!

  • Stay Cool and Confident: A perfect addition to your bathroom countertop, your go-bag, or the barbershop. Our Clubman Finest Powder, Neutral is the most versatile and effective choice that just works no matter where and how you use it. A simple and straightforward grooming solution against sweat and body odor!

How to use: Sprinkle powder directly from bottle onto targeted areas or apply to hands and place where moisture absorption is needed.

Stock up your Barber Shop or use at home - Clubman Pinaud Mens Grooming Products have been around for over 200 years!

Pinaud Clubman has a wide range of famous mens grooming products including After Shave Lotions, Talc,Shave Cremes, Styling Gels, Beard Conditioners and more!

Clubman Finest Talc absorbs moisture and forms a dry shield against humidity. It also cuts down on friction to prevent chaffing and rashes.

Founded in France in 1810 the Pinaud brand and its Clubman line of mens toiletries can be found in most barber shops across the U.S - now Hair and More have it available in NZ!

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