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Pinaud Clubman Brilliantine 96g

Clubman Pinaud Brilliantine 96g

Stock up your Barber Shop or use at home - Clubman Pinaud Mens Grooming Products have been around for over 200 years!

Pinaud Clubman has a wide range of famous mens grooming products including After Shave Lotions, Talc,Shave Cremes, Styling Gels, Beard Conditioners and more!

Clubman Brilliantine offers high shine and flexible hold without greasiness or oil. Water soluble it's great for wavy and curly hair. 

Brilliatine gives definition to fine and medium hair and sculpts coarse and hard to manage hair - flexible enough to re-style without re-applying.

Founded in France in 1810 the Pinaud brand and its Clubman line of mens toiletries can be found in most barber shops across the U.S - now Hair and More have it available in NZ!


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