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Pinaud Clubman Bath Talc 255g

Clubman Pinaud Bath Talc 255g - Brand New!

Stock up your Barber Shop or use at home - Clubman Pinaud Mens Grooming Products have been around for over 200 years!

Clubman Pinaud Bath Talc is a pure white powder with deodorant, use after shower, bath and swimming simply shake on this neutral scented talc.

Pianud Micro-pulverising process makes this bath powder super soft, extra smooth and soothing.

This creates a refreshingly dry shield against humidity helping to prevent chafing and irritation.

Pinaud Bath Talc also has the extra protection of a dry deodorant that has been proven effective against perspiration odor.

Pinaud Clubman has a wide range of famous mens grooming products including After Shave Lotions, Talc, Shave Cremes, Styling Gels, Beard Conditioners and more!

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