One 'N Only One Shot Bond Repair 7.4ml

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A “must-have” for anyone who colours or lightens their hair. Can be used with any hair colour or lightener! 99% of consumers saw less frizz and more smoothness. 100% felt their hair was strong and less dry or brittle.

One Shot Bond Repair does more than repair the surface — the bond penetrates the core. Patented Granrepair Powerbond® Technology reinforces internal protein bonds of keratin, resulting in less breakage, more shine, softness and frizz reduction. Repairs broken bonds and prevents and protects from additional breakage Preserves the integrity of the hair through multiple shampoos Improves vibrancy, longevity and shine of hair colour


With hair colour
Step 1: Mix hair colour formula and developer.
Step 2: Add entire bottle of One Shot Bond Repair. Mix well.
Step 3: Apply hair colour and process for desired time.
Step 4: Rinse with lukewarm water.
Step 5: Shampoo and condition as usual.

With lightener
Step 1: Mix lightener and developer.
Step 2: Add entire bottle of One Shot Bond Repair. Mix well.
Step 3: Apply lightener and let process until desired level of lift is achieved.
Step 4: Rinse with lukewarm water.
Step 5: Shampoo and condition as usual.


Pro Tip #1: Use One Shot Bond Repair in any hair colour and lightening formula every time you colour or lighten your hair to help repair any broken bonds and prevent any further breakage of keratin bonds. This one simple step will help you maintain strong, frizz-free, smooth hair. Hair will be shinier and healthier looking.

Pro Tip #2: One Shot Bond Repair can be added to any perm solution to help prevent breakage and strengthen the keratin bonds.

What is Granrepair Powerbond® Technology?
GPB creates a barrier around the hair to protect it during the colouring/lightening process, resulting in stronger, shinier, frizz-free hair.

Is One Shot Bond Repair easy to use?
Yes! This single dose bond additive is pre-measured and easy to use. Just add the entire bottle into the hair colour or lightener formula.

How often should I use One Shot Bond Repair?
One Shot Bond Repair should be used every time you colour or lighten your hair.

Will One Shot Bond Repair alter the final hair colour result or process timing?
No! One Shot Bond Repair will not change the final colour/shade. The standard processing time should be followed as instructed.

Should One Shot Bond Repair be used during a double process in both the lightener and the hair colour to tone the hair at the same time?
Yes! Using the One Shot Bond Repair in both formulas will ensure the strength and integrity of your hair. It cannot be overused.


Read full instructions before use. Do not apply directly to hair/scalp.

This product is designed to be mixed into a hair color formula or lightener in order to penetrate the hair strand. If used without colour or lightener you may experience hair that is “oily, greasy and heavy”. While this will not harm your hair, it will be difficult to rinse out and is not intended for use without colour. Product can be rinsed out by using a cleansing shampoo.

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