One 'N Only Colorfix Permanent Hair Colour Remover Kit

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One 'N Only Colorfix Permanent Hair Colour Remover Kit - NEW!

One 'N Only Colorfix Permanent Colour Remover removes unwanted permanent colour from hair. Controlled usage means you can mix as much or as little as you need depending on whether you're doing a full application or a partial, allowing for multiple applications.

Colourfix is ideal for use on all hair types and as it's not only ammonia free but also free from formaldehyde and bleach it leaves hair in optimum condition allowing for re-colouring/lightening after use.

Simple to use with full instructions included (which need to be followed closely for best results) this is ideal for use both in salon and at home.

Important to note:

- Colorfix has the funky smell of most colour removers (sulphur/rotton egg smell)

- Colour can darken again if the first part of the process is not rinsed properly, ensure thorough rinsing (as detailed in instructions) before using step 3. Colour can darken again over a couple of days if step 3 is not used and the first process has not been rinsed well enough to remove all old colour molecules

- The rinsing process is time consuming but crucial to achieving the best possible results, taking the time truly pays off with this product

- With any permanent colour remover the results are most often shades of orange/red or orange/yellow - be prepared to re-colour after using Colorfix. Choose a shade 2 - 3 shades lighter than the colour achieved with Colorfix as it will take 2 - 3 shades darker when processing

*** PLEASE NOTE *** Permanent colours can contain high strengths of peroxide which lighten your natural hair colour.

As a hairdresser with over 20 years experience I'm happy to answer any questions if you're unsure if this is the product for you.

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