CHI Royal Treatment Bond & Repair Conditioner 355ml


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Restores dry, damaged hair by building bonds to strengthen the natural keratin complex. It also moisturizes and nourishes using aloe and softens using the essential fatty acids found in hemp oil. The hair’s amino acids are connected via hydrogen and ionic bonds both inside the cortex and out to strengthen the keratin complex structure in the hair and protect against damage, split-ends, and frizz. Using the strength of linked amino acids combined with aloe’s moisture and hemp’s fatty acids, the hair breaks less and becomes easier to manage. This conditioner will continuously improve hair’s integrity, protect against color fading, and prevent future damage.

Royal Treatment Bond & Repair Collection is a bonding system used during chemical services to build bonds between amino acids, which reduces stress to the hair by strengthening its keratin complex. Post-chemical service, this system revives moisture and softness, and continues to strengthen the keratin in the hair by connecting the amino acids, building hydrogen and salt (ionic) bonds, and closing the cuticle for healthy hair with incredible shine.

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