Barbicide RTU (Ready to use) Disinfectant 425g

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Barbicide RTU (Ready to use) is an environmentally-friendly alternative to standard aerosol disinfectant for your salon.

Barbicide® has launched their newest product, Barbicide RTU (Ready to Use), an EPA-registered disinfectant for salons. Barbicide RTU is a bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal spray that’s convenient, economical and environmentally friendly all at the same time. Staying healthy in the salon will be easy with Barbicide RTU - it kills COVID-19 in just 30 seconds on hard, non-porous surfaces.

How to Use Barbicide RTU
Barbicide RTU disinfectant can be used on countertops, reception areas, door knobs and any other high-traffic surfaces in your salon or barbershop. It’s extremely easy to use, requiring no mixing or measuring whatsoever. Just spray, wipe and go!

There are more benefits of using Barbicide RTU outside of its surface disinfecting properties. It is the most environmentally friendly alternative to industry standard aerosols, as it’s a non-aerosol product that is an EPA registered disinfectant for salons. Barbicide® also uses a new BoV (Bag on Valve) technology that makes it zero waste - 100% of product is used within each can.

Additional Eco-Friendly Properties of Barbicide RTU:
🌱 No propellants enter the environment
🌱 Container is recyclable
🌱 Product is non-flammable

Barbicide RTU FAQs

Does this product replace the Barbicide Disinfectant I’ve been using for years?
Barbide RTU does not replace full immersion of tools in the original Barbicide Concentrate mix, so it does not replace the need for Barbicide Concentrate. Barbicide RTU serves as a surface disinfectant.

Can this product be used as a replacement for Clippercide?
No, Clippercide is a disinfectant for metal hair clippers and implements (while also lubricating, cooling and preventing rust). RTU is a surface disinfectant. Leave the combs, clips and other tools for Clippercide!

Do you have to rinse after use?
No rinsing is required, just spray the Barbicide disinfectant and allow treated surfaces to remain visibly wet for 10 minutes, then let it air dry. For efficacy against COVID-19, allow the product to remain visibly wet for 30 seconds and then let air dry.

Suggested uses for Barbicide RTU:
  • Rolling carts
  • Storage containers
  • Chairs (hair & pedicure)
  • Stylist stations
  • Shampoo Bowls
  • Back bars
  • Nail stations and drying stations
  • Treatment and massage tables
  • Vanities
  • Toilets

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