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Diane White Salon Towels, Stain Resistant 6 Pack 16' x 29'

Replaced by: Partex Bleach Guard Royale™ Towels, 12 Pack - White ← Click here

Diane Brand White Stain Resistant Salon Towels - 6 Pack, Brand New!

White Stain Resistant ColorSafe Towels are 100% pre -shrunk, pre fluffed cotton. These are large, thick, bleach proof towels resistant to stains and colour fast in bleach and hot water - no shrinkage.

ColorSafe treatment is permanent and will not wash out of towels with repeated machine washing. Simply wash with bleach and hot water to remove stains, bacteria and germs while maintaining the bright, beautiful white colour of the towels.

Each towel measures 16" x 29" (40.6cm x 73.6cm)

Perfect for use in salons, spas and nail bars.

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