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Diane Black Salon Towels, Stain Resistant 12 Pack

Replaced by: Partex Bleach Guard Legacy™ Towels, 9 Pack - Black ← Click here

Diane Brand Black Stain Resistant Salon Towels - 12 Pack, Brand New!

12 Pack of ColorSafe Stain resistant salon towels, 100% cotton.

ColorSafe Towels are different because of the unique dyeing method used in the production of the towels. This special formulation permeates each thread allowing Color Safe Towels to be washed with bleach without it affecting the colour of the towel.

Each towel measures 16" x 27" (40.6cm x 68.6cm)

Perfect for use in salons, spas and nail bars, they do soften after a few washes.

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